Friday, June 20, 2014

Finally, it is worth mentioning the holiday Aventurra - making purchases of games and taking part in the voting on the titles to see next in the instant offer, collect special cards. Having won 10 of them, produce a badge and we are rewarded with the subject of the game, emote, background profile, etc. In addition, we get points that translate into the result of our team - Adventures of each participant is randomly assigned for one of the five teams. Members of the group having the highest score of the day will be honored more valuable prizes - it may even be playing on our wish list, if instrumental contribute to the good results of your "team". For more information on this action can be found here.

Behind us the press conference of Electronic Arts at E3 in Los Angeles. The American publisher has once again placed mainly on its proven series, although there is also a new brand: Dawngate production by BioWare Edmonton team and racing from studio Criterion Games. However, lacked big surprises, because each of the games presented was previously announced or knew that appear in the conference. It is encouraging that in some cases we were able to look at the fragments of the game, although there were also typical of trailers. The conference ended with a surprising information on the Battlefield Hardline. For more details, welcome to the following relationship.

Conference of Electronic Arts began with a film of Star Wars: Battlefront by studio EA DICE. Disclosed the video presented scenes production of this title. The creators attach enough attention to detail that go into places filmed various scenes with videos and use props used previously in images of cinema. Star Wars: Battlefront debut in 2015 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and more details on the game will be announced in the